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How to celebrate safe Diwali

How to celebrate safe Diwali

How to celebrate safe Diwali

Diwali is one of the colorful Festival filled with joy, happiness, fun, celebrations etc,

Wait! Wait! I have missed one of the major things in Diwali, I hope you have guessed it right, yeah it's undoubtedly the crackers.

People of all age group loves fireworks for various reasons, kids admire sparklers and other colourful crackers, adults prefer to burst out crackers, rocket, atom bombs etc, women love to light up chakras and finally the old age people admit the various sparkling and lights from crackers, they believe that they bring good vibes to the family.

Best 8 Tips to follow for a Safe and Happy Diwali

Crackers are essential for a celebration, but it’s important you make use of them in a right way so that you can enjoy them without any accidents, here are some tips you can follow for this Diwali to make it wonderful and safe.

1.Go with right Clothes

Every age people love to burst and sparkle crackers, but make sure you wear cotton clothes before bursting. Never wear any synthetic and similar materials clothes while firing crackers as there is a high chance for them to catch fire easily.

2. Crackers Quality

Choosing the standard crackers online or from the crackers shop that is made of the best quality is the most important thing everyone needs focus. You need to ensure that you are choosing them from the legal manufacturers, in the case of getting online you need to know whether you are purchasing from some reputed sivakasi fireworks or Buy crackers online, also check the instructions before firing them as each cracker would differ from other in bursting, this will also reduce the risk of fire accidents. It's good if you go with Sivakasi Crackers as they are famous when considering fireworks.

3. Fire Extinguisher & Bucket of Water

Before starting bursting standard crackers make sure you have a fire extinguisher and Bucket of sand, water ready so that you can tackle yourself in the case of unexpected fire accidents.

4. Avoid Bursting in Closed Areas

If you are ready to firecrackers then know the area you are going to fire them, avoid using closed areas as they can lead to dangerous hazards in case if any fire accidents occur.

5. First Aid Kit

Keep first aid kit handy everytime you start firing crackers as they can be the best options in case of minor and major injuries, you can treat them immediately at the spot before it becomes more dangerous.

6. Discard Used Fireworks

Make sure you have disposed the used firecrackers carefully and immediately so that you can avoid stamping them or from other fire accidents, you can put them in a bucket of water or sand so that the heat from them get dissipated.

7. Diyas and Candles

Diwali is also famous for their colorful diyas and candles, make sure you take away the inflammable materials or curtain before you light up them to avoid catching fire. 

8. Pet Safety

Do you have pets at your home? In this case, make sure you keep your pets from noise as they are sensitive to the firecrackers, it is also important that you don't leave your pet alone as there are chances for them to get numb or paralyzed in some case of pets.

Spread happiness and make this Diwali colorful &  safe with your friends, loved ones, and family members!

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